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New Year, New You...but for real this time.

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Professional Educator Headshot

Let's get down to business.

No. I'm serious.

It's 2023 and I can assure you that it's time for something new. Do me a favor and look at the current photographs in your phone, on your LinkedIn, and in any of your professional media files. Go ahead, do it. I'll wait.

Now, what are the chances that they need to be updated? If you're like me, you probably have a couple of good shots of yourself whether from the incredible camera on your phone (these phone cameras may put us photographers out of a job someday) to a professional photo session you had a couple of years ago. So the chances are high that you need a little updated photo session of you...

You're probably thinking: "Well, I can just get my friend to take my photo with their camera." And you would be right. You could do that. OR you can have a professional capture, compose, and light you in a way that is flattering to you and your brand. You want to make sure you stand out from the sea of people. First impressions are so real and that's likely not going to change any time soon. In this digital age, you can easily Google someone's name and, if you have a name like mine, you're likely going to pop right on up. During an interview last year, the assistant principal of my new school even admitted that she googled me and I was easy to find information on.

Let me put it another way: my partner is a musician. One of the best guitar players in the south, and this is not me being biased. If you wanted someone to play at your wedding, you could hire your nephew who would be "cost effective" or you could get someone who knows just about every song under the sun and how to tune in to the vibe of a room. Someone who can take a request and flip it into a way that will get everyone grooving, crying, laughing, or reminiscing.

To make myself even clearer, regardless of what field you're in, making a good impression is key. Making a QUALITY first impression is the lock.

When was your last headshot?

  • 2022

  • 2021

  • 2020

  • You don't even want to know Paris...

When choosing your photographer (and I selfishly hope it's me), you need to make sure they are going to shoot your character and bring out your personality. I had the pleasure of shooting a previous coworker for her business and, knowing her, I told her to bring her puppets and all props she would need. That's the ticket: your photographer needs to KNOW you and what you offer. You want to make sure you are building a relationship so that we can both do our "thang." Feel free to ask questions. Ask if they have a style guide, if they can help pose you, if you can add music to the playlist...Try to be as proactive as possible so that you can have the pictures that you desired and imagined.

If you've made it this far, thank you.

If you've made it this far, welcome to 2023. It's not a new you, but a leveled up you. Start your new level by treating yourself to images that celebrate you and your business and how far you've come.

January 21, I am hosting 30 minute sessions at the East Atlanta Studio. Don't let this opportunity pass you by: click here to book today. There are only 8 slots available, so let's get down to business.

Me: Taken Dec. 31, 2022. Stay up to date!


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