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Photographing Stories

What's even the point of photography?

In my case, it began because I wanted to tell stories. I wanted people to see other's stories in a visual manner. I am a writer and I always have been and have been making up stories ever since I could remember. When I write, words form a movie in my head (shout out to my closed captions readers). When I write, I aim to capture the human emotions.

Side note: I specifically remember an assignment in middle where we had to write a piece fiction work. For some reason, I felt compelled to three hole punched it, bind it by ribbon, and place in a plastic folder while everyone else had just stapled their's together and called it a day. I remember triple checking my grammar, adding a clip art (no fancy gifs in 2004), and beaming with pride as I handed my work in.

Naturally, I received full marks.

But what was the point in doing all of that and, more importantly, what was the point in me sharing that?

I cared so much about my story that I needed to quite literally tie it up in a bow and deliver it.

I want so much to take someone's story, your story, my sister's story, and wrap it up in bow. I want you to open your eyes to each image and see what I see. I want you to have your own interpretations of it and think "wow...this is a beautiful story." Or a funny one. Hell, even a sad one. I want you to have some kind of emotional connection to what is being presented to you.

THAT is how I feel about photography.

Hugh Bell, the late great photographer, once said:

"Each picture should have a message...or a little feeling about something."

I would go on to say, you should feel a little something AND want to do something about it. There's nothing I love more than seeing an image and smiling from ear to ear or furrowing my brows or putting my hand over my heart because of how breath taking the image is.

If you've ever seen Bridgerton, you know exactly why I have the attached the image below. If you've never seen Bridgerton, click the photo, go to minute 46:34 and watch until 52:01. I PROMISE you won't regret it.

Think about the last time you saw an incredible* image and felt something. The creator of that image deserves a little praise. Send them a comment, a message, a heart, something. Let them know you appreciated feeling something while in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

*incredible: this could even be a simple as you saw a picture of hands and like the precision with which they handled its subject.

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