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"Since Middle School'

Being a photographer has been a dream of mine since middle school. I would go through phases where I would just take an incredible amount of pictures of everything. I took pictures of clouds, sunflowers, my nephews, my family, my friends, my 1998 yellow VW Beetle. I would go through point and shoot cameras and a DSLR in college and still not understand how to truly take good photographs.

I didn't understand what any of the dials were for, I would just turn the dial to portrait mode or sports mode or any mode instead of truly learning that manual mode is where the most learning happens. Instead of learning that editing was how you got your photos to look like the vision that was in your head.

I am learning and growing. I am manifesting some dreams of mine that I have written down in my planner. Join me on my journey as I share my trials and tribulations of being a photographer.


All photos in this post were taken by me in high school or undergrad

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